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Microchipping for Dogs & Cats

in East Lansing, MI

A safe and permanent way to identify companion animals

According to American Humane, about 10 million pets go missing in the United States annually. Sadly, many never find their way home. No matter how careful you are, you never know when an animal could slip their collar or escape through an open door or window. That’s why we provide microchipping services for pets in East Lansing and the surrounding areas. Microchipping pets is a safe and permanent way to identify companion animals and reunite them with their owners if they ever become lost. It's a simple procedure with lifelong benefits for you and your pet. If you are looking for a trusted animal clinic near you that performs microchipping, you are in the right place.

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What Is Microchipping?

A microchip helps pet owners to reunite with their pets.

A microchip is a small electronic device the size of a grain of rice that is injected under the skin of your pet. The chip contains a unique identification number that is linked to a database containing your contact information. As long as you keep your contact information up to date, this can be used to reunite you with your pet if they ever get lost.

How Does Microchipping Work?

Find your pet quickly and safely.

When a stray pet is found, an animal shelter, animal control worker, or vet near you will scan them for a microchip. If the pet has a chip, they will be able to access your contact information and reach out to you. This helps get your pet back to you quickly and safely.

Microchipping Services

The process takes just a few minutes.

Our vet near you performs microchipping for companion animals and highly recommend this procedure for most patients. The entire process takes just a few minutes and feels similar to receiving a vaccination. Since the chip is injected using a syringe, there is no need for stitches or specific aftercare. Your pet can immediately resume their normal activities when they leave our animal care clinic. In just minutes, you can provide lifelong identification and protection for your precious pet.


Call Today for Microchipping in East Lansing

Greatly increases the chances of reuniting with your beloved pet.

Microchipping is a safe and permanent way to reunite you with your pet if they ever get lost. Contact us today to learn more or schedule an appointment for microchipping in East Lansing, MI.

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