Regular Pet Grooming

Regular grooming and bathing are a necessary part of keeping pets healthy. Aside from the comfort of having a well-groomed coat, grooming appointments give us an opportunity to check for abnormalities of the skin, ears, and eyes. Because of this importance, we offer basic pet grooming services at our animal hospital in East Lansing.

Our Grooming Services

Our patient and skilled staff are trained to provide basic pet grooming services such as bathing, brush outs, and nail trims. If your pet requires some level of sedation or anesthesia to allow for safe and complete grooming, we can provide this by appointment. Cats can be a special challenge, and we offer several options to make your cat’s grooming experience as safe and stress-free as possible. For dogs that require special haircuts (such as Cockers and Poodles), we recommend seeing a trained groomer every 6-8 weeks. A properly groomed coat provides the best insulation against the cold, and optimal cooling in the heat. Please contact us to learn more about our pet grooming services.

Pet Grooming in East Lansing
Pet Grooming in East Lansing

The Benefits of Regular Grooming

For dog owners, we recommend scheduling regular bathing and grooming appointments to keep their skin and coat nice and healthy. Though all cats benefit from daily brushing at home, long-haired cats especially benefit from grooming appointments to brush out undercoats. Some cats may even enjoy a cooling shave down in the summer! More on the benefits of grooming:

  • Reducing shedding
  • Nail trims improve foot structure and posture
  • Early detection of skin and ear issues
  • Detection of parasites
  • Reducing risk of infection of the ears, eyes, nails
  • Clean, healthy skin and shiny coat

To schedule your pet’s grooming appointment at our animal hospital in East Lansing, give us a call at (517) 332-2511. We look forward to freshening up your pet’s skin, coat, and nails.