Veterinarian for Mason, MI Offering Decades of Experience, Compassion, and Outstanding Care

Since 1988, Eastside Animal Hospital has been devoted to partnering with the pet parents of Mason, MI to help their companion animals enjoy lasting good health. It’s our privilege to be your veterinarian, and to be trusted by countless families who want what’s truly best for their pets. Dr. Mary Seager, our veterinarian, is able to treat a variety of pets in addition to dogs and cats. She can treat exotic small mammals, too, including ferrets, hamsters, mice, and others. Dr. Seager and her team are aware that along with investing in your pet’s health, we also invest in a long-term partnership with you to help you make the most informed choices about their care. After all, we know that your well-being and your pet’s are inherently connected.

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The Importance of Exotic Small Mammal Care

Exotic small mammals are no small responsibility. Their health needs are varied and just as important as any other pet’s, and our team is more than able to treat them and offer sound advice about keeping them healthy and happy. Similar to dogs and cats, these animals can hide illness very well. If we see them annually for a checkup, we can stay on top of their care and have a better chance at detecting underlying problems early.

Veterinarian Mason, MI
Cat at our animal hospital Mason, MI

Veterinary Services Offered at Our Mason, MI Animal Hospital

Eastside Animal Hospital has the capabilities to provide for a wide range of needs for your pet. The veterinary services we offer include:

Additionally, our animal hospital also offers cat and dog microchipping and pet health certificates.

How to Meet Our Mason, MI Veterinarian

Eastside Animal Hospital is 20 minutes away from Mason, MI. Given our experience, values, and distance, we are the perfect and convenient choice to care for your beloved pet’s health. Call us today at (517) 332-2511 to book an appointment!