Veterinarians Lansing, MI: Treating Pets with Compassion and Skill Since 1988

Eastside Animal Hospital near Lansing, MI has been serving the community for decades, and our commitment to pets and their families remains as strong as ever. Along with dogs and cats, our veterinarian Dr. Mary Seager also provides knowledgeable veterinary care for exotic small mammals, including hamsters, ferrets, mice, and more. One of the things that drives our team is our respect for the bond shared between humans and their companion animals. We understand that helping these animals stay healthy is integral to their well-being and the overall well-being of the family that cares for them, too.

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Why Exotic Small Mammals in Lansing, MI Need Regular Care, Too

Just because a pet happens to be smaller and live a shorter life, doesn’t mean its health needs are any less important than a dog’s or a cat’s. Dr. Seager’s skills set our animal hospital near Lansing, MI apart from others in the area, and we’re happy to continue welcoming small mammals to our practice, where we’ll be sure to provide them with the best care possible.

Veterinarian Lansing, MI
Cat at our Lansing, MI animal hospital

Our Veterinary Services for Lansing, MI Dogs, Cats, and Exotic Small Mammals

To keep the pets of Lansing, MI and surrounding areas healthy, we offer these (and other) veterinary services:

We also provide microchipping at our animal hospital, along with health certificates for dogs and cats.

Our Commitment to You at Our Lansing, MI Animal Hospital

At Eastside Animal Hospital, we’re passionate about nurturing the health of every pet and helping to build up and preserve the bonds that our patients share with their families. We recognize the importance of animal companionship and how it makes the world a better place. As your pet’s veterinarian, we want nothing less for them than the very best veterinary care for years to come.

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